Nantes family chrismas and giant robots

Apologies are in order: Genya im sorry im not entertaining you. so go sulk in the sun at the beach, surrounded by the half naked beautiful ...

Apologies are in order:
Genya im sorry im not entertaining you. so go sulk in the sun at the beach, surrounded by the half naked beautiful people around you.

 ("give us back my heart, or we'll cause mischief")

Partly from fear of french keyboards, partly from technical interweb difficulties, partly from lack of interesting content and largley due to lazyness of the idiot behind the confusing french keyboard. updates are over due.

As everyone keeps telling me, Nice is rather nice. i had gotten to thinking that this european winter thing is for wusses. so i dipped my toe in the water a little further north.

Nantes hasn't been bitterly cold, but it has been convincingly miserable. i saw a blue sky once! my grandmother absently mentioned some strange old french saying about it not being big enough to iron a soldiers jacket in. the meaning of this still has me sleeping poorly.

 (downpipie. old chapel, nantes center)

Im in Nantes to see my relatives. this wonderful bunch of big smiles and big noses i call my french family (c'est une blague). i'd missed my grandmothers 80th birthday and still had guilt riding over me like a dark Nantes rain cloud. btw this is her fixing a flat tire:

(cause she's supergran)

(amazing family tree going back to 1560)

My unkle is in charge of France3 Nantes, so i sat in for the live news:

and was amazed at how many people and how much techo wizardry it takes for TV. never really thought about the behind the scenes bit. in essence every one of them is djing a chanel of either video or sound. and theres about 30 of them!

and i took the luxury of being a tourist...and a nerd. in Nantes they have this company that makes giant robot...things...for kids. for example the huge elephant a la colonial india that walks around the docks on nantes island:

the circus is in town at the moment, and the trumpeter was making elephant calls to which the elephant was answering. It then took to chasing a bunch of school kids around and spraying them with water from its trunk. yes its a little bit cheesy but theres fun in playing up to the magic that children live in.
and then theres this merry go round, built in the same vien. deep see abyss. 3 floors, more moving parts than c3PO. wicked. they were all to happy to show me around, but wouldnt let me ride it ( i had my heart set on the manta ray)

i realise this hasnt been the most exciting update and is probably poorly written. i blame the onion eating keyboard once more.

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tomtom mulroney

moody lonesome gargoyle to finish

oh, and paris next, get ready to get cliché

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